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    celebrities in college

    Posted : December 4, 2006
    Last Updated : June 18, 2014

    celebrities in college

    The lives of many celebrities haven't always been filled with million dollar homes, daily shopping sprees, and vacations galore. Before they were stars, some celebrities actually spent four years in college. Just like you, they had to study, give dreaded presentations, and learn how to live in a dorm. Here are fifteen celebrities who obviously know the importance of obtaining a college degree:

    Garth Brooks
    School attended: Oklahoma State University
    Year graduated: 1984
    Major: Journalism
    Clubs/activities: Track and Field
    Interesting fact: He received a track scholarship as a javelin thrower.

    Steve Carell
    School attended: Denison University
    Year graduated: 1984
    Major: History
    Clubs/activities: Burpee's Seedy Theatrical Company (a student-run improvisational comedy troupe)
    Interesting fact: He joined a reenacting group portraying the 10th (North Lincoln) Regiment of Foot, which attributed to his interest in his chosen major.

    Kristin Chenoweth
    School attended: Oklahoma City University
    Year graduated: 1990
    Major: Musical Theatre
    Clubs/activities: Gamma Phi Beta
    Interesting fact: She competed in beauty pageants during college and won the title of "Miss OCU" while in grad school.

    Sheryl Crow
    School attended: University of Missouri, Columbia
    Year graduated: 1984
    Major: Music Education
    Clubs/activities: Kappa Alpha Theta
    Interesting fact: During college, she played keyboards in a cover band called Cashmere.

    Gloria Estefan
    School attended: University of Miami
    Year graduated: 1978
    Major: Communications and Psychology
    Clubs/activities: N/A
    Interesting fact: During college, she worked as a Spanish and French translator in the Customs Department at Miami International Airport.

    Calista Flockhart
    School attended: Rutgers University
    Year graduated: 1988
    Major: Theater
    Clubs/activities: N/A
    Interesting fact: She met her friend, Jane Krakowski, at Rutgers. Years later, they worked together on the hit show, Ally McBeal.

    Ashley Judd
    School attended: University of Kentucky, Lexington
    Year graduated: 1990
    Major: French
    Clubs/activities: Kappa Kappa Gamma
    Interesting fact: She minored in anthropology, art history, theater, and women's studies and spent a semester studying in France.

    John Legend
    School attended: University of Pennsylvania
    Year graduated: 1999
    Major: English
    Clubs/activities: Sphinx Senior Society, Onyx Senior Honor Society
    Interesting fact: He was offered admission to Harvard University and scholarships to Georgetown University and Morehouse College before he decided to attend the University of Pennsylvania.

    Conan O'Brien
    School attended: Harvard University
    Year graduated: 1985
    Major: U.S. History
    Clubs/activities: Harvard Lampoon (campus magazine)
    Interesting fact: He graduated magna cum laude.

    Natalie Portman
    School attended: Harvard University
    Year graduated: 2003
    Major: Psychology
    Clubs/activities: N/A
    Interesting fact: She told the New York Post, "I don't care if [college] ruins my career. I'd rather be smart than a movie star."

    Brooke Shields
    School attended: Princeton University
    Year graduated: 1987
    Major: French Literature
    Clubs/activities: Cap and Gown Club
    Interesting fact: Her senior thesis was titled The Initiation: From Innocence to Experience: The Pre-Adolescent/Adolescent Journey in the Films of Louis Malle, "Pretty Baby" and "Lacombe Lucien."

    Jon Stewart
    School attended: College of William and Mary
    Year graduated: 1984
    Major: Psychology
    Clubs/activities: Pi Kappa Alpha, men's soccer team
    Interesting fact: He coached soccer at Gloucester High School while attending college.

    Julia Stiles
    School attended: Columbia University
    Year graduated: 2005
    Major: English
    Clubs/activities: N/A
    Interesting fact: She made fun of Columbia cafeteria workers while appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and later apologized for her comments in the campus newspaper.

    Carrie Underwood
    School attended: Northeastern State University, Tahlequah
    Year graduated: 2006
    Major: Mass Communication
    Clubs/activities: Sigma Sigma Sigma
    Interesting fact: She spent part of one of her summers as a page for Oklahoma State Representative Bobby Frame.

    Oprah Winfrey
    School attended: Tennessee State University
    Year graduated: 1976
    Major: Speech and Performing Arts
    Clubs/activities: N/A
    Interesting fact: She received a full scholarship to Tennessee State University by winning an oratory contest.

    Source: www.en.wikipedia.org

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    celebrities in college

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