college board to improve SAT scanning

Posted : May 3, 2006
Last Updated : May 3, 2006

college board to improve SAT scanning

Many of you have heard about (and a small percentage of you may have been affected by) the re-reporting of scores from the October 2005 administration of the SAT. (If you were affected by this, the College Board has already contacted you with details.) The re-reporting of scores occurred because of a technical problem related to answer sheets and scanning. To ensure that this problem does not happen again, the College Board (through their vendor, Pearson Educational Measurement) will:

  • Scan each answer sheet twice rather than once.
  • Improve software to identify any answer sheet expansion that might occur due to humidity.
  • Ensure that all answer sheets are acclimated before scanning to eliminate any possibility of a humidity impact.

Click here for current score availability dates.


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college board to improve SAT scanning

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